About Us


We are an international financial company engaged in investment activities, which are related to trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges performed by qualified professional traders.

Our drive: to give all people the opportunity to consciously determine their own financial future. As a leading investment platform in Europe, we do everything we can to enable access to the capital market through smart technologies, ease of use and low costs. We believe in entry opportunities, not entry barriers. That's why, with Bitrylnux, our digital asset management service, we have offered a simple and cost-effective option since the beginning of 2016 for anyone who doesn't want to take care of their own investments. Accumulate wealth or grow wealth - both can be implemented automatically and conveniently thanks to a large selection of investment strategies and customisable savings options. With the Scalable Broker, on the other hand, investors can invest in stocks, ETFs, funds, cryptocurrencies and derivatives independently. Our intuitive app makes trading easy, convenient and mobile. With a monthly savings amount of just one euro, we create opportunities for countless investors to make financially self-determined provisions.

We are a leading financial investment platform focusing on various aspect of finance and wealth management by providing access to over 4,000 funds and assets listed on the major capital markets ranging from investments banking, stock Broking, fund escrow services, forex, Gold and the most recently developed Cryptocurrencies, ETFs and Assets listed on the major stock markets, ISA’s investment services, Pensions and insurance bonds(onshore and offshore), third party providers such as Self Invested Personal pensions providers, advisory professionals, discretionary investment managers, portfolio management, lifetime cash flow modeling and a comprehensive financial planning infrastructure for investors in a more tax-efficient way.

We are in control of our investors experience as we operate using our own proprietary sophisticated trading technologies that allows us to react quickly to market trends and investors demands to regulate changes with no reliance on external technology. We can set our own priorities and control the cost involved, hence we have been reckoned to providing bespoke technology and comprehensive functionality for the efficient management of investors portfolio as we are founded with the vision to create transparent trading and investment experience for our client. We are interested in successful and transparent traders that will create high trading and investment volume for we are proud to help many customers to make revenue as we provide real-time market data from leading analytical agencies.

If you are looking for who to cooperate with better and safer, no one makes the trading business bigger, more powerful, and better than us. International credibility and recognition. Bitrylnux has placed respectability and business reputation at the forefront of its most important values.